Tuesday, January 13, 2015

6 months

Happy Half Birthday!

Weight: 15 lbs 5 oz, 30th% (pedi office on 1/7/15)
Length: 27.5", 90th% (growth spurt!)

Eats: Still on Gerber Soothe primarily, 6 oz bottles for quite a while now. I can't see her drinking more than that any time soon, because most of the time she doesn't even finish that! We kinda took a break from baby food for a few weeks, December was a month of sickness for our house and I didn't feel like pushing it with the food if she didn't like it. However, she still loves cereal! Definitely her fave so far. Otherwise, we've tried squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas, and yogurt yesterday. She seems to like the less sweet things, which is not what I expected. Her fave things besides cereal so far are the yogurt, and then a frozen cube of pears in her mesh feeder. Pretty sure she's teething now so that must feel good on her gums. Santa brought her some puffs in her stocking, can't wait to start those!

Sleeps: Someday, I hope, she will sleep in her crib. I've realized now that this is not an obstinance thing, but more of a comfort thing for her. During December she had a huge growth spurt and basically her Prilosec dose was too low for her weight, so we are just catching up now with the correct dose. When her reflux acts up, she doesn't sleep well lying flat. We do have 2 fleece blankets underneath the head of her crib mattress but it never seems to be enough and I'm too nervous to add any more for fear that she'll roll into the side of the crib & get stuck. So for now, we are sleeping in the Rock N Play about 75% of the time. That was the best $20 I've ever spent! Thank you consignment sales! She is still getting up once a night, don't see that ending any time soon.

Likes: We busted out the Jumperoo last week and she loves it! When she jumps Jack says she is dancing, its really cute! She also got a light-up piano from Santa Claus that she is obsessed with. She pounds on that thing and gets all excited when it plays music back to her. Lately she is also liking rattles, or anything that makes noise. She is less so interested in the crinkley toys like she was a few months ago. Girlfriend definitely has changing interests! Her favorite toys are still her hands...always with the hands in the mouth. I wish she would just stick her thumb out and suck her thumb instead, I think we would all be much happier :)

Dislikes: taking medicine. O.M.G. So on 12/20 we ended up in urgent care and she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. So she was on Amoxicillin for a week, and she totally hated it. Most kids love the "bubble gum medicine", but she does NOT. We ended up with a mostly effective way of getting her to take it though: squirt about an mL in the back of her mouth, plug her nose and it forces her to swallow. She screams, opens her mouth and the whole process repeats until the whole dose is in. Some people might say its cruel, and I suppose it kind of is, but she needs to take her medicine!

Milestones: First Christmas! She was so cute in her little Christmas outfit, I wish I took more pictures :( It was so awesome to see her in the same Christmas jammies as Jack and to think that both of my kids wore the same things. She loved the wrapping paper, and loved slapping the presents and trying to open them. Jack was a good big brother and "helped" her open all her presents. All morning long it was (in a high pitched voice of course) "Sadie! What's dis?!"

My Little Lizard,

You are getting to be such a big girl! Your personality is definitely shining through, you are so smiley and loving, and happy. Well, happy when you have the right dose of Prilosec, but that's Mommy's fault, not yours ;) You are so curious and love to be right up in the middle of everything. Your future as a Daddy's girl is already starting, you love to sit in your Bumbo chair and watch Daddy cook. And you love your big brother more than anyone. He can make you laugh and smile even when you are crying. 

I can't believe we are already at your half birthday...time is flying by. I'm trying to soak up every minute of your babyness that I can. Your soft kissable cheeks, your chunky thighs, your teeny tiny feet! Speaking of your feet, they are so narrow! You are growing out of the 0-3 month size lengthwise, but the 3-6 is too wide and they fall off! Girlie you have so many cute shoes you gotta chunk up those feeties!

Lizard, I love it when you stick out your little tongue, its the cutest thing! That's how you got that nickname :) You smile with your tongue out, play toys with your tongue out, pretty much everything. You look so cute with your sparkly little eyes and that tiny little tongue. Such a cute little imp :)

Oh girlie...I feel like even though its only been 6 months, it feels like a lifetime because it seems like you were always meant to be with us, like you were the missing piece and now you are finally here. It's so much fun to see you grow and you are everything I ever dreamed of little girlie...

I love you,


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Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Months

A week late. So sue me.


Still on Gerber Soothe primarily, getting fresh or frozen BM once or twice a day. If I'm home with her all day long, I try to primarily give her BM just so that my stash is getting used. She is up to 6 oz bottles now, we did try 7 oz, but that didn't last for more than a few days so I think it was a growth spurt. And she is more of a grazer than anything. Unless she is growing, she will eat 2-3 oz, then an hour or so later will eat another 2-3 oz. If she is growing, she will suck down 6-7 oz in like 10 minutes. At around 4.5 months we started on solids. We started with oatmeal cereal first, which she loves! Jack hated cereal, it's so fun to see the differences between the two of them. We've also done butternut squash and pears and she is not really a fan. She definitely liked the pears more (I roasted them with cinnamon- fancy!) but she tends to gag on the actual foods, whereas she takes the cereal like a champ. She definitely has a strong gag reflex, and I wonder if that is tied to the fact that she gets hiccups all the time? Who knows. And we are still on Prilosec, I'm too chickenshit to try and wean her off of it - it definitely helps her so much.

For about 2 weeks, she was sleeping 12 hours straight through the night, but over the past few days she has been getting up and having trouble going back to sleep. On her 5 month birthday, she got either her first cold or full on teething. She has a bit of a runny nose and doesn't really want to eat, drooling more (if that was even possible!) and seems congested. She has been kinda sorta maybe getting on a nap schedule, I'm trying to put her down around 9 am and 1-2 pm for 2 naps/day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's a marathon of 20-30 minute cat naps.

To hear her voice! This girl loves to babble, yell, shriek - you name it. She started blowing raspberries the other day, and she definitely has plenty of drool to supply the classic wet raspberry. She is also a huge fan of the exersaucer. You put her in it and she goes to town on all the toys. Her favorites are the chameleon and the spinning clear ball with the beads inside. She still likes her playmat, and now that her arms are long enough she grabs the little hanging bees & other toys and yanks on them and tries to put them in her mouth. Also, I think she has her first little friend at daycare! Our daycare has this awesome app (Kaymbu) on their iPads in each classroom where they can take pics of the kids and send them to 8 email addresses supplied by the parents. I've gotten a few pics where Sadie is in the bouncer and Dorothy is rocking her. Or she would be in the swing and Dorothy was close by. Dorothy is just about a year old, and is the 2nd cutest kid in the class (after Sadie of course). We also moved Sadie up to a bigger baby bathtub (Eurobath Primo) and she loves it! She kicks and splashes and would stay in there all night if the water stayed warm enough. Over Thanksgiving weekend I bought her a little pink rubber ducky - her first bath toy :)

Still not a fan of the car, but its getting so much better. We recently discovered that the FP Seahorse helps settle her down in the car, as well as the Baby Shusher app (best $5 I've spent in a long time). And really, aside from the car there isn't much that she doesn't like.

Starting solids! Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and post the pictures we took, some of them came out really cute. She also had her first Thanksgiving, she went to Nana & Papa's for dinner with Mike & Jack while I worked, then I met them there. Then we drove down to CT the next day for her first Gumbo Gathering! She also met her new cousin Ricky, who is about 1.5 months younger than her. I'm sure those 2 will be stirring up trouble just like me and his dad have done through the years ;) She rolled over for the first time from back to belly, but she's only done it once and that was about 3 weeks ago. That time she was on her playmat on top of Jack's trampoline so I think she had a little leverage from the bouncing of the trampoline. So of course now I start to worry that she's behind, but then I remind myself that she is so so so verbal, so I think she is going to dominate in that area. Plus, it's hard to roll over and meet physical milestones when you still want to be held all.the.time.

Sadie Lady,

My little bunny I can't believe you are 5 months old already! I knew it would happen when I went back to work that the days & weeks would fly by and you would grow up way too fast. I love how you wake up in the morning and occupy yourself for about 5 minutes cooing and talking to the animals on your mobile - its the best sound to wake up to :) Although I much prefer that sound when it happens after 6 am, ok?

You are still my social little girl, loving to be all up in the middle of everything. Now that you are big enough for the exersaucer, you stand up in there and bang on the toys and shriek and make your presence known. You are so busy in there! It's like you have a mission to get that chameleon to sing to you all the live long day :) Now that you've discovered that those 2 little leggies of yours are for standing, that's all you want to do. I'll hold you on my lap and you will push up on your legs, Jack comes over and sits next to us and makes you giggle. It's the best :)

It's been a wild 5 months so far Sadie, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Sometimes I get so frustrated because you cry in the car or sometimes you won't sleep, but I hope you know how much I love you. Just because sometimes it seems like I'm going completely crazy (even though I probably really am), its just because I want to be the best mom that I can, and sometimes that's a hard thing to accomplish. But every day I look at you and think back to when I first imagined having a daughter of my own, and I realize that you are everything that I ever dreamed of.

I love you,

Her eyes - she's like a little doe...

I absolutely love the way he looks at her, makes my heart swell


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Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween Photo Dump

For Jack's first Halloween we had a jillion pictures. Perfectly posed. Pictures with the carved pumpkins. Pictures with Mommy & Daddy.

This year? I was lucky if I got 5 pictures. Jack was itching to go out trick-or-treating with his friends and the neighbors, Sadie was kinda fussy, we were waiting for my family to get here and my anxiety was out.of.control. and the gratuitous noise was making me iNsAnE.

BUT. The kids had fun. That's all that matters.

Here's what I got for pics, in collage form because I'm too lazy to watermark individual pics right now.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

4 Months

Ok so I'm a week late. But I can promise that these pics were from the day she turned 4 months, so at least I got that!

Weight: 13.55 lbs, 33rd %ile (from her 4 month pedi visit)
Length: 24.5", 50th %ile

Still on the Gerber Soothe and doing well! She is also fed about 1/3 breastmilk, and I'm amassing quite the freezer stash too. The ILs bought us a chest freezer for our anniversary, so I've been storing it in there. Right now I'm going the whole gift-bag storage method, but if someone has something a little easier, I'd love to hear it! We got the green light for solids at the pedi visit, but I think we are going to wait. We just moved her up to 5 oz bottles about a week before she turned 4 months, and as I'm writing this we are moving her up to 6 oz bottles. Pedi said if she is taking 8 oz and still seems hungry, then she's ready. She's not even close if that is the starting point. We started at 4 months with Jack and it was a struggle, he hated it, so I'm in no rush with Sadie. We'll start somewhere between 5-6 months most likely but for now bottles are just fine :) Oh, and this isn't really eating related, but she is still on Prilosec. We decided to keep the dose the same instead of adjusting for weight to see if she will essentially wean off of it as she gets bigger and starts eating more solids.

She is quite the catnapper! 20 minutes at a time at daycare if they are lucky and I know its driving them nuts, but Jack was the same way. She will nap for me at home (45 minutes is a good nap), but thats in a dark room, with white noise and a music CD. She is still sleeping well at night despite her latest move: into the crib! The weekend after she turned 4 months Jack was at the ILs for the weekend because Mike and I were working, so we figured it was a good time to transition her to the crib. She did great! The first night she slept 7:30-5:30 straight through! As much as I miss her being in our room, I know she is sleeping better without being woken up by us (whether it be snoring or getting up/getting home from work). I'm also trying to break her of her addiction to THE BALL. I'm trying to just be able to rock her in the rocking chair before bed instead of needing to bounce her. It works about 50% of the time. I just want to be able to sit in the rocking chair, feed her a bottle and snuggle her, instead of bouncing and not being able to really snuggle her. We'll get there...in time.

Current favorite toy is her playmat! She now purposely grabs at the toys and will play on there for about 25 minutes at a time. I can tell that she is starting to see more colors and lights, because now she seems mesmerized by toys that light up or play music. Before it was just crinkle sounds and black & white, but now she seems to be starting to like colors. She still likes to be held a lot, probably because then she can see more of what's going on and be all up in the party.

Still hates the car. She is a smidge better now that she can really play with the toy bar on her carseat (we have this one). Jack got a new carseat (Graco Nautilus) and the side profile is not as deep as his Britax Roundabout, so he is able to reach out and bang the toys to make them light up or make noise to soothe her. We've also come to rely on the Baby Shusher app (available on iTunes & Android) for when she starts really crying in the car. And damn does it work! Instead of us hyperventilating and going dizzy from shushing her, this app does it for us. I feel like such a yuppy shmuck for saying that but hey, whatever works. Both Mike and I have it on our phones, and it was well worth the $4.99 purchase (coming from someone who loathes to pay for any apps).

We are smiling, cooing (rather talking up a storm and yelling randomly) and grabbing at toys so far :) She has yet to grab something and purposefully bring it to her mouth, I think things end up at her mouth simply because she happens to be holding them and she really just wants to chew on her hands (her favorite toy). She isn't rolling yet, but she's kinda close. I was a little worried, but then the pedi pointed out because she likes to be held so much and also because when her reflux was out of control she didn't want to be put flat on the ground, that has hindered her from really being able to roll. And I remember hearing when Jack was little that babies are usually dominant in either social/verbal or motor milestones. Jack was more of the motor type, and I think Sadie is a little social butterfly and is concentrating more on working towards talking our ears off in the future. Oh! And another milestone! First Halloween! Coming up in another post :)

Little Muffin,

So we made it through our first month back at work & daycare! I can tell you are moving out of your newborn phase, you seem to be so intrigued by the world around you and want to see everything and be up in the middle of everything. You have so much to say, you coo all the time and tell us lots of "stories". You are such a social little girl, you smile back at everyone who talks to you, and you wiggle your whole body when you smile. You are just such a happy little thing most of the time :)

You are still my little teeny girl, we just moved you up to 3-6 month clothes! Most of your pants are still 3 months and fit perfectly :) Now that your feet have gotten a smidge bigger, we bought you some baby shoes and OMG is Mommy having fun with that! I went shopping with Gramma, Auntie Kellie (your BFFL) and Jack and we picked out some pink Ugg boots for you, and some silver dress shoes and sparkly shoes for Christmas. You have the best dressed feeties out there!

One of my favorite things that you do lately is how you snuggle up right into my shoulder when I'm holding you. Your little arm holds onto my shoulder and you nuzzle your face into my neck. It's the best! I love when you wake up in the morning and I go in and get you and you have the biggest smile for me. You are such a bright and happy little girl, and it just warms my heart to see you smile :)

I love you so much my little muffin, thank you for being the baby girl we've always dreamed about...

Look at those EYES...so beautiful


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Reflux update!

So if I didn't think that Sadie had reflux before, I definitely think she has it now.

Last week sometime we ran out of her Prilosec because I had spilled the bottle a few days after she started it. (I would have gotten a refill, but my shitty insurance wouldn't cover it 3 days early and that shit is $100+ out of pocket and it was a Sunday when we ran out and I didn't feel like going through the whole rigamarole with the on call pedi) We only missed her dose for 3 days, but man could you tell the difference. After day 2 of missing it she was fussy constantly, arching her back, puking more and just generally inconsolable. About 4 days after restarting, she was back to napping, less puking, no arching. My parents were here for the weekend and day 4 when the Prilosec fully kicked back in even my mom noticed a difference. I don't think its a fluke either, because it was day 4 or 5 that the Prilosec kicked in when we started it for the very first time.

I've also noticed a difference if she doesn't have the medicine first thing in the morning. A few times I haven't remembered to give it to her until the afternoon, and I've noticed that she is definitely more fussy. The hard part is trying to time her dosing on an empty stomach. Usually she isn't completely "empty", but I do try to not feed her immediately before or after.

She still gets hiccups multiple times per day, almost 20-30 minutes after eating without fail. There has to be some biologic reason for it, but I have no idea what. I've never known someone to get hiccups like 5 times per day. It just seems weird. We give her gripe water when they start which stops them, because if we don't she gulps in a lot of air and then gets gassy and uncomfortable. Sometimes if she's having a particularly bad day, she'll get a shot of gripe water with a chaser of Mylicon. It's a cocktail I like to call "The Sadie" ;)

She still pukes a lot, but when she has her medicine its a lot less forceful - meaning it doesn't shoot out her nose as well. When my sister Kellie was little she was a puker too, and my parents called her "The Spew Monster" for a while. Well, Sadie is taking after her Auntie and is a Spew Monster as well :)

So, all in all, things are pretty much under control when it comes to the reflux, I just hope it stays this way and she grows out of needing the meds at some point :)


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